16 August 2023: To an Over Hailes poet of 2123 in After (poems inspired by other art)

Recently published:

6 January 2023: Chapwench in The Friday Poem

December 2022: Why flaunt it in Fourteen Poems (issue 9)

June 2022: All about my other in The Poetry Review

25 June 2022: Not this again is poem of the week in The Scotsman.

June 2022: The Scottish Poetry Library podcast Nothing but the Poem features Jay’s work.

June 2022: New recordings of Jay reading Canopy, Egg case, and Clearly, something was up are released in Wave 10 of Iamb.

Spring 2022: Guidewire insertion, pre-surgery is reprinted in the 4th edition of Tools of the trade: poems for new doctors (Polygon, 2022)

April 2022: Wolfstar archery course is in use in Atrium.

February 2022: Approaching storm in All is art: the Joan Eardley collection (Speculative Books)

December 2021: Clearly, something was up in The Rialto 97

6 November 2021: Iona walk of shame in Spilling cocoa over Martin Amis

October 2021: A toad in Poetry Scotland 102

September 2021: We were all agreed in Hair raising (Nine Pens), hair-themed anthology in support of Macmillan Cancer Support.

August 2021: Risky breasts reprinted in Herbology News

July 2021: One writer’s day, early 2021 in George Mackay Brown: Beyond the Swelkie – A Collection of New Poems & Essays to Mark the Centenary of George Mackay Brown.

March 2021: The extended household takes some country air in Impossible Archetype #9

4 November 2020: In the first days of lockdown in Ink, Sweat and Tears.

October 2020 – The call and Bedfellow (from Wristwatch) are included in the new anthology Staying Human (Bloodaxe).

Autumn 2020 – Laptop as hagioscope is included in Write Out Loud¹s Beyond the Storm poetry competition anthology: Beyond the Storm, Poems from the Covid-19 era. All proceeds to NHS charities.

September 2020. My 2nd collection, Sweet Anaesthetist, is published by Cinnamon Press.

Poetry Map of Scotland: Dumpender (marking Traprain Law)

June 2020. Mothering Sunday with Gertrude Stein and Very important in Orbis 192.

Summer 2020 –  Larval, Pyro and Traigh an t’Suidhe in Poetry Salzburg Review 35

Spring 2020 – Dunpender in Envoi 184

Leaving in Island and sea (Scottish Writers’ Centre)

February 2020 – Daily disposables in The Interpreter’s House 73

January 2020 – Local knowledge in Sinister Wisdom

December 2019 – Jam rags in The Butchers Dog 12 (yes, I know).

Winter 2019 – Birmingham, again in Poetry Birmingham

November 2019 – Old honey in Lanterne Rouge: The Last (anthology)

Provocation, The Institutional Writers, Not here and Fragment in Scottish Feminist Judgments: (Re)Creating Law from the Outside In. edited by Sharon Cowan, Chloë Kennedy, Vanessa E Munro (Hart, 2019).

Knuckle of knot in Coast to Coast to Coast 6.

August 2019 – Radical in Shooter Literary Magazine (Identity Issue)

August 2019 – Dear Candida in Impossible Archetype 6

June 2019 – Glimmering girl in Abridged 0 – 404 Delete

February 2019 – After referendum results I unfollow a Facebook friend in Closed gates or open arms? (anthology) (Verve Poetry Press). This poem was commended in the Verve Poetry Festival competition.

January 2019 – Mausoleum and Not this again in We were always here: a queer words anthology (404 Ink)

October 2018 – Eyrie in Envoi 180

August 2018 – Cowrie in Impossible Archetype 4

August 2018 – Intrinsic in Gutter 18

August 2018 – Night walker in Nitrogen House 1

July 2018 – Scrabble deluxe in The North 60

30 May 2018 – A home front in Lies, dreaming (podcast)

27 April 2018 – Water’s edge in Atrium Poetry

28 December 2017 – Happy Christmas 1978 in Ink, sweat and tears Twelve Days of Christmas Feature.

11 December 2017 – Dark moon, Midwinter in Three Drops from a Cauldron‘s Midwinter edition 2017

Autumn 2017 – Baggage and Back in the stacks in The Fenland Reed 5.

1st October 2017 – my first full length collection, Wristwatch, is published by the Cinnamon Press.

Autumn 2017 – Sighting in Northwords Now 34.

Spring 2017 –  You are invited to the wedding of Rob and Nigel is geolocated in Parliament Square, Edinburgh as part of the Echoes of the City podwalk project.

March 2017 – Bed-fellow in Impossible Archetype

January 2017 – Thank you, Vera in The Interpreters’ House 64.

December 2016 – Path in Brittle Star 39.

November 2016 – Guidewire insertion, pre-surgery and Baited, in Orbis 177.

September 2016 – Pink snow in The Frogmore Papers 88.

July 2016 – Library of stones in Envoi 173.

June 2016 – An earlier version of Risky breasts on the Scottish Poetry Library website to coincide with the launch of the second edition of Tools of the Trade: Poems for new doctors.

… and an earlier version of Canopy has been published on the websites of the Cinnamon Press and Second Light Live.

Published long ago:

2005 – Pearl (pamphlet) Selkirk Lapwing Press, ISBN 0-9-531212-6-7
2006 – Regeneration in Both sides of Hadrian’s Wall, Selkirk Lapwing Press, ISBN 0-9-554056-3-7